Multi-Sport Athletes and Multi-Activity Participation in the Same Season

For Mount Vernon to have a successful extra-curricular program, it is encouraged that our students participate in as many activities as possible. Therefore, whenever possible, students will be allowed to participate in more than one sport or activity during the season.  For this to happen, a spirit of cooperation and shared goals must exist among members of the faculty, coaching staff, and students. Knowing that this can be a very sensitive area, the following guidelines will be in place:


1.  Students who wish to participate in more than one activity during a season may apply to do so through the Athletic Department office.

2.  The Athletic Department will work with coaches to designate his/her primary and secondary activity.

3.  Region and state level competition takes precedence over non-region competition and/or practice.

4.  Primary sport/activity practice always takes precedence over secondary sport/activity practice unless prior approval has been granted by the primary sport/activity coach or director.

5.  The athletic director will resolve any and all conflicts regarding the sport or activity which the student-athlete participates in.


Having this opportunity can greatly enhance our school programs, as well as the high school experience for our students. Coaches should always use good judgment and have a shared vision for school success. At all times the interest of the student should be at the forefront with regards to student participation.  It should also be understood that students who are finishing one athletic season while tryouts are in progress for another season will be given special consideration and an opportunity for a delayed tryout.